Quality Guidelines

The components for premanufactured houses are manufactured with precision machines in factory halls, so that material and dimensional accuracy can be controlled reliably.
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Definition of "premanufactured house"

A premanufactured house is a building that is built on a prepared basement. It consists of prefabricated, storey-high panel walls, modules, and prefabricated ceiling and roof sections which are manufactured in factories protected from weather conditions and which are transported to the construction site.

Despite this, roof constructions including their ceiling constructions can be without prefabrication because of special architecture.

Only companies who fabricate or distribute objects by this definition are subject to the following standards. Products of these companies that do not match this definition are not allowed to be named “premanufactured house”.
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Standard requirements for consignment
and assembly of premanufactured houses

Divergence from these requirements is only acceptable on explicit and demonstrable demand of the customer.

  • Guidance of construction
    The guidance of construction from the beginning of the construction work until handing over the work in agreement
  • Structural safety
    All essential components for structural safety including roof constructions and their compounds as well as the anchorage of the building to the fundament
  • Bearing and bracing elements
    All bearing and bracing wall units as well as inner walls, staircases and ceilings, and undercoating of the ceiling according to the term “heat insulation” including a weatherproof outside panelling
  • Heat insulation and other
    All necessary constructions for structural requirements of the units regarding heat insulation, diffusion of water vapour and protection against condensation, noise protection and fire protection. To fulfil the structural requirements some additional measures, e.g..trowel application, have to be taken by the construction management
  • Junctions and bushings
    The junctions (e.g. for balconies) and bushings (e.g. cable ducts) of the outside panelling have to be carried out rainproof
  • Electrical installation
    Preliminary measures for electrical installations within the elements
  • Supply and disposal lines
    Preliminary measures for the installation of supply lines and disposal lines within the elements
  • Appearance
    The finishing of appearance of a prefabricated house has to include the roof covering with plumbing, the facade of the building, the wood preservation and/or the external surface, the windows, the exterior doors and exterior gates (glazed and coated)
  • Stairs
    Installation of stairs between the storeys no matter of which material
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The member associations of the EFV commit themselves to secure that their member companies who produce and sell prefabricated houses according to the EFV definition must have their production and on-site assembly examined at least once in a year by an external institution certified for the examination of timber constructions

European quality guidelines

Here you can download the european quality guidelines for prefabricated houses soon.