Here you will find press releases and current events of EFV as well as information from the member associations.
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17.09.2018 Swiss Association of Certified Quality Houses (VGQ)

SonnenparkPLUS - a building for the next generation

In June, an apartment building was occupied in Wetzikon ZH, which sets new standards with its energy efficiency and living climate. The solar power system on the roof and in the facade produces more energy within a year than is needed in everyday ...

10.09.2018 Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry (TMF)

"A government with a greater focus on entrepreneurship and growth is needed"

Sweden's people have said that there is an uncertain state of government formation and which party leaders get the confidence to become prime ministers lead the Swedish government and embody the country's politics. The chairman of the wood an...

07.09.2018 Federal Association of German Prefabricated Construction (BDF)

Hausausstellung Würzburg-Estenfeld presents itself with a new homepage

Bad Honnef. The Federal Association of German prefabricated construction (BDF) has redesigned the homepage of his model house exhibition in Estenfeld near Würzburg. The address is still ...

06.09.2018 Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry (TMF)

"It's high time for politicians to act and create long-term rules of play"

Really lowered housing forecast in the Trähus Barometer

With only days left for parliamentary and municipal elections, the country's small house producers demand a changed direction for housing policy due to an increasingly challenging new production. The forecast for beginners houses is reduced f...

29.08.2018 LIGNIUS - Italian National Association of Prefabricated Timber Homes

Lignius and Vaillant Group together!

"This is a partnership full of innovative strength at the highest technical level, which can benefit the entire sector," emphasizes Johann Waldner, president of the Lignius network. "The house is an increasingly complex system and the plant concep...

11.06.2018 Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry (TMF)

The dining table that connects first-time voters to the Riksdag

In order to give first-time voters a chance to talk directly with politicians before the 2018 election, the Wood and Furniture Company, TMF, has created Table of Discussion - an interactive dining table that connects young people to parliamen...

09.04.2018 LIGNIUS - Italian National Association of Prefabricated Timber Homes

Lignius and ABB team up!

"Lignius has always focused attention on the needs of those who design and build houses and those who live in. ABB reflects the ideal partner to fulfill this effort", explains Johann Waldner, President Lignius. machine for living (Le Corbusier) an...

09.03.2018 Austrian Prefabricated Housing Association (ÖFV)

The ÖFV prefabricated house manufacturer asked about the developments of the customer

In February 2018, the members of the Austrian prefabricated housing association were asked *) which current trends show in the execution of prefabricated houses. The experts from technology and sales agree not only on the developments themselves, ...

23.01.2018 Swiss Association of Certified Quality Houses (VGQ)

Entrepreneurs receive VGQ certificate at swissbau

The VGQ-certified manufacturers received their award at swissbau. On Friday evening the VELUX Schweiz AG booth was invited to an honorable event. The VGQ-certified manufacturers have passed the annual test in an exemplary man...