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The dining table that connects first-time voters to the Riksdag

Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry (TMF)
Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry (TMF)

In order to give first-time voters a chance to talk directly with politicians before the 2018 election, the Wood and Furniture Company, TMF, has created Table of Discussion - an interactive dining table that connects young people to parliament and government. During the spring, several meetings between high school students and riksdag members have taken place - and now all party leaders are invited to sit to table before the election this fall.

Table of Discussion is a two-piece interactive dining table. Through each integrated screen, people who are far apart from each other can sit together at the same table. One half of the table has been in the parliament during the spring, while the other half has been on a tour at various upper secondary schools across the country - a journey that will continue until the September elections.

The purpose of the Table of Discussion is to give Sweden's youth a chance to put their most burning questions to the politicians who represent them before they vote for the first time.

"When you live in the countryside, politicians feel in the parliament far away. Certainly we can try to influence, but it does not feel like they are listening to us. Being able to sit down at a table and talk to a minister felt very natural and I felt that I got in touch in a whole new way, "said Axel Bonnevier, 18, student at Brinellgymnasiet in Nässjö.

Table of Discussion is part of the Wood and Furniture Company's initiative TM_X (Wood and Furniture Experiments) focusing on developing new innovative solutions that change and improve from living space to the outside world through crafts, design and technology.

"We know that many young people are full of innovation and commitment. By showing how we deal with a burning societal problem with the knowledge and creativity found in our industry, we hope to inspire them to do the same. Being heard by their spokesmen is a prerequisite for creating change, and we hope to achieve that with Table of Discussion, "says Anne Rådestad, Communications Manager at TMF.

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