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An individual dream house from the factory

Industrial prefabrication gives prefabricated houses an advantage of quality

Federal Association of German Prefabricated Construction (BDF)

PM 2019 BDF Traumhaus aus der Fabrik 2PM 2019 BDF Traumhaus aus der Fabrik3

Accurate to the millimeter, computer-controlled and weather-independent - these are just three of the many trademarks of industrial production that are expected in the automotive and electrical industries. But also houses are increasingly being manufactured industrially or at least prefabricated. According to the Bundesverband Deutscher Fertigbau (Federal Association of German Prefabricated Construction – BDF), every fifth new one- or two-family house is such a prefabricated house from the factory today.

While the market share of prefabricated houses at the turn of the millennium was still around 15 percent, today around 20,000 new prefabricated houses per year correspond to a market share of nearly 20 percent. "The increasing popularity of the construction method speaks for the attractive overall concept of modern timber prefabricated houses," says BDF speaker Christoph Windscheif. But why are prefabricated houses becoming more and more popular? Windscheif sees good plannability as an essential motive for prefabricated house builders: "The processes involved in prefabricated house construction are reliable and clearly structured. The individual wishes and specifications of the building owner are unerringly incorporated into a proven construct consisting of precisely coordinated work steps and high quality standards."

The basic prerequisites for these regulated construction sequences are the minimization of unpredictability’s such as weather caprices and compliance with a proven quality system. This is where industrial prefabrication comes into play. According to the BDF expert, it offers an ideal starting point for the construction of ultra-modern houses that are assembled from standardized and quality-checked components to form an individual building. Industrial routines and the precision of computer-aided manufacturing machines meet the manual skills of experienced carpenters and wood mechanics. As a member of the BDF, the leading manufacturers of prefabricated wooden houses commit themselves to regular internal and external quality controls in order to ensure that they meet the strict requirements of the Quality Association of German Prefabricated Houses (QDF). "The production of the components in dry and well-tempered industrial halls provides timber prefabricated houses with an advantage of quality per se and a good workplace for the employees of the prefabricated house manufacturers," says Windscheif. The trend of many manufacturers is even to invest in increasing the degree of prefabrication so that the scope of activities on the construction site can be further reduced. There, it only takes one to two working days to assemble the prefabricated components into a weatherproof shell for an individual prefabricated wooden house. The short construction site operating time not only pleases the owner, because his house is ready for occupancy more quickly, but also the neighbours, who are exposed to a minimal stress, for example by construction site vehicles or noise.

Last but not least, the BDF expert knows that a high degree of prefabrication creates the best conditions for further digitization up to industry standard 4.0, even in house construction. He recommends: "Those who would like to convince themselves of the industrial house production with their own eyes will have an excellent opportunity to do so on the 'Day of German Prefabrication'. Throughout Germany, prefabricated house manufacturers will open their factory gates for a look behind the scenes". The next "Day of German Prefabrication" will be on Sunday, May 5, 2019.

Picture 1: Prefabricated wooden houses are industrially prefabricated with computer-aided machines. Photo: BDF/FingerHaus/Rolf Vennenbernd

Figure 2: "Standardised and quality-tested components are combined to form an individual building." Photo: BDF/Rainwater

Picture 3: An individual dream house from the factory. Photo: BDF/Schwabenhaus

PM 2019 BDF Traumhaus aus der Fabrik 2PM 2019 BDF Traumhaus aus der Fabrik3

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