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With timber construction against the housing shortage

More living space through roof extensions

Federal Association of German Prefabricated Construction (BDF)

PM 2019 BDF Potentiale Dachaufstockung2

A joint study by the Pestel-Institut and the TU Darmstadt comes to the conclusion that 2.3 to 2.7 million additional flats could be created in Germany through roof extensions. "Particularly in conurbations, the housing situation is currently very tense. Here, roof extensions could make an important contribution to counteracting the housing shortage," said the two BDF managing directors Achim Hannott and Georg Lange.

Due to its comparatively low weight, wood as a building material is particularly well suited for roof extensions when it comes to transferring the additional loads via the existing structure into the building ground. In addition, wood-based roof, wall and ceiling components are not prefabricated on site, but under ideal conditions in the manufacturing plant to large-format elements. The high degree of prefabrication that is customary in prefabricated construction guarantees short construction times on site, which has a direct positive effect on the construction site equipment. A prefabricated extension can be installed in a few days. This reduces partial road closures to a minimum. The same applies to the service life of the scaffolding and crane. And last but not least, speed on the construction site also means independence from wind and weather.

Roof extensions offer great potential for creating new, high-quality living space in growing conurbations without the need for additional space. Wood-based prefabricated construction complements this aspect with numerous advantages for construction site management and at the same time it takes account of the increasingly inner-city traffic volume. BDF/RK

Figure 1: Due to its comparatively low weight, the building material wood is particularly suitable for roof extensions. Photo: SchwörerHaus/J. Lippert

Figure 2: Especially by older buildings, an increase in height can even significantly reduce the energy requirement of the entire building. Photo: SchwörerHaus/J. Lippert

PM 2019 BDF Potentiale Dachaufstockung2

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