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Natural material meets technology - Facts about prefabricated houses Prefabricated houses are becoming increasingly popular by German builders

Already every fifth single-family house is being built in prefabricated construction. There are good reasons for this trend.

Federal Association of German Prefabricated Construction (BDF)

For around 20,000 building families per year, a prefabricated house is the fastest, safest and most convenient way into one's own four walls. Nobody has to pass on with the personal touch: According to industry statistics published by the Federal Association of German Prefabricated Construction (BDF), two thirds of all prefabricated houses are planned freely according to the individual wishes of the building family.

Many building owners are interested in the trend-setting technology that is found in prefabricated houses: they opt for an adaptive "Smart Home" or for an "Efficient House" that generates its own electricity from renewable energy sources. The material, which stands for environmentally friendly construction and healthy living like no other, is also convincing: Prefabricated houses are made of wood. The good building physics properties of wood are also responsible for the outstanding energy efficiency of prefabricated houses. This permanently lowers the energy costs for the occupants and also provides a comfortable living feeling. The amount of wood required for a prefabricated house regrows in German forests in just 23 seconds.

Infographics: BDF/Schlasse GmbH

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