Association of Woodworkers of Slovakian Republic | Zvz spracovateľov dreva Slovenskej republiky

T.G. Masaryka 24
SK-96053 Zvolen
+421 45 5206806
+421 45 5330278

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The Union of Wood Processors of the Slovak Republic (ZSD SR) is a voluntary organization of employers at the level of owners - managers of companies. He is a full member of the Employers' Republic Union (RUP) and ABF Slovakia - Cooperative for the Development of Slovak Architecture and Construction.

ZSD SR was established by sixteen (16) founding companies in 1997 and at present ZSD SR associates more than 100 member companies. All current member companies of ZSD SR are representatives of the wood processing industry or related industries (manufacturing or trading companies), or they represent scientific and research potential, they do not pollute the environment and develop several pro-export activities.


Activities of the Union

The objective of the Association is to carry out activities in favour of the professional, economic, legal and social interests of its members, to represent them concerning to trade unionists and other employers' associations, government, parliament, unions abroad and other legal and natural persons.