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The green building revolution

How is the way of building and living changing? What will the building of the future be? Important questions, which deserve adequate answers. Lignius has set an ambitious goal , but absolutely fundamental. Give the world of sustainable construction a stable, clear and effective structure, enhancing the company and professional excellence present on the national territory, making it available to users in a simple, rapid and above all optimized way.

Since the first steps we have worked trying to interconnect the activity of companies, professionals, teachers, artisans, journalists, with the aim of giving the sustainable building sector greater visibility and concreteness. A network able to make the individual components work at their best to achieve the best possible result. This network has a name: home system.


The Boom of Wooden Houses

For too long, traditional building has focused almost exclusively on profit, relegating to the background all aspects related to the quality of living. The warmth, the atmosphere, the healthiness of the environments, the right weight attributed to fundamental natural elements such as light and temperature, are factors that, especially in the choice of life represented by the construction of one's home, touch the deepest strings of the soul human. Building and living in a sustainable way means having the man, and his most intimate needs, at the center of the project. Building in harmony and full respect for the environment around us, using materials with low energy impact but high emotional coefficient. A winning and revolutionary idea in its simplicity.

The Renaissance of wood is now an established fact , as is its rapid growth, which is still ongoing. But for us it is already time to turn the page: success in fact does not give any guarantee if it does not rest on solid foundations. It is time to work to transform the sustainable building boom from a sector phenomenon to a genuine change of cultural perspective.

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Lignius and Vaillant Group together!

"This is a partnership full of innovative strength at the highest technical level, which can benefit the entire sector," emphasizes Johann Waldner, president of the Lignius network. "The house is an increasingly complex system and the plant concept, proposed by Vaillant, is its beating heart that ...

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Lignius and ABB team up!

"Lignius has always focused attention on the needs of those who design and build houses and those who live in. ABB reflects the ideal partner to fulfill this effort", explains Johann Waldner, President Lignius. machine for living (Le Corbusier) and ABB provides the technology to manage it in full ...

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Housing Market


Real estate: the trend of the first months of 2019

If 2018 has shown clear signs of recovery, what do the first months of 2019 tell us? And what are the expectations for the rest of the year?

The signs of recovery in the real estate market are now evident. 2018 was a positive year, rising after the long crisis that started 10 years earlier. And these early months of 2019, what did they tell us? Let's find out in the analysis by Fabiana Megliola, Head of the Research Office of the Tecnocasa Group.

The first three months of 2019 confirm the good health of the real estate market with a nationwide 8.8% volume growth compared to the same quarter of the previous year. 2018 had closed with 578.647 trades, up 6.5% compared to 2017. Among the big cities, Genoa and Bologna have registered the most significant increase in volumes: + 15.2% and + 12.9%. These data indicate that the desire to buy is still important and that the search for the house is active.

The point on prices, sales times and leases

Prices, from a preliminary survey done on our network, are on the rise in big cities like Milan and Bologna, cities that even in 2018 were the most dynamic in terms of prices. In the smaller realities (chief towns of provinces and hinterland of the big cities) there is a slight improvement in terms of values, even if it remains in negative territory. In fact, they closed 2018 with + 11.1% and + 8.4% respectively. The data of the Tecnocasa Real Estate Observatory, still in the collection phase, confirm this trend.

Sales times continue to decline, a sign that the real estate market is lively. The latest indexes show that in big cities the timing of sales is 129 days. In 2019, sales times are close to 2009 levels, when the real estate crisis was just beginning. Short sales times indicate a market in recovery, longer times that the market still suffers from difficulties.

In terms of residential leases, by the second half of 2015, there are increasing rents due to sustained demand and an offer that is being reduced, especially in those cities where tourist rentals are taking place. Among the reasons for the search for the house for rent there are: the impossibility of accessing the purchase, the desire not to buy and the transfer for work or study reasons.

The agents of the Tecnocasa Group confirm, therefore, the constant interest in buying the house. By the end of the year we expect an increase in prices between +1 and 3% and sales with volumes not far from those recorded in 2018.