National Association of Hungarian Building Contractors | Építési Vállalkozók Országos Szakszövetsége (ÉVOSZ)

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National Association of Hungarian Building Contractors (ÉVOSZ)

The National Federation of Hungarian Building Contractors was founded in October 1989. Now it has approximately 190 members. Along the most prestigious Hungarian building contractors, numerous small- and medium-sized businesses became members of EVOS, too.


The tasks of YEARS

  • Representing the interests of Hungarian building contractors on a national and international level.
  • Fostering professional development and exchange of information between member organizations, as well as between Hungarian and international (chambers, associations, authorities) organizations. As a member of international professional associations active participation in special technical activities of the European Union.
  • Establishing an in detail professional judging on acts and decrees related to the construction industry, taking initiatives.
  • Preparation of member organizations for utilization of opportunities offered by the European Union.
  • Promotion technical and professional development of the construction industry.


YEAR services

  • Providing information on a regular basis to member organizations regarding current issues related to the construction industry
  • Organization of technical presentations, information days and exhibitions
  • Promoting development of mutual professional contacts between partners at national and international level
  • Support for building industrial specialized education and training, international exchange programs, training foremen, and organization of post graduate trainings. Contact with secondary schools and colleges, universities
  • Representing interests in a case of professional and ethical issues
  • Fostering development of small- and medium-sized enterprises


Professional sections of ÉVOSZ - Membership in EU Organization

  • ALUTA - Association of Aluminum Window and Facade (EUROWINDOOR)
  • YEAR-IWTD Section of Hungarian Enterprises Working in Germany
  • Heat and Sound Insulating Contractors (FESI)
  • Section of Prefabricated Building Manufacturers
  • Section of constellors of building
  • Section construction project managers
  • Section of Dry Wall Constructors
  • Timber Truss Producers Section
  • Section of Mechanical Industrial Contractors

Housing Market

Housing Completions from 2011 to 2017 (Image © EUROCONSTRUCT - 79th Conference)