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About the Bulgarian Union of Homebuilders (BSPSK)

The union was established on 22.11.2002 in the town of Pazardjik at the constituent assembly. On September 24, 2008 was accepted as a member of the European Union prefabricated construction (EVF).


  • Reunification and representation of factories producing and assembling prefabricated houses which, in the interest of quality assurance of their production, are subject to constant quality control. The Union does not engage in economic activity of any kind.
  • Offers to the competent state authorities draft standards, regulations, regulations, etc. normative documents concerning prefabricated construction.
  • Performing research, providing the necessary instructions and applying quality-assuring methods and instructions based on the valid standards, regulations and legal regulations valid in Bulgaria in cooperation with officially recognized Bulgarian and international institutions dealing with building materials research.
  • Awarding a quality label to those members who with their production meet the quality requirements, based on the quality control rules developed by the Union.
  • Prevention of any quality related violations.
  • The Union does not pursue goals and does not use organizational forms and means that harm the economic activity of its members or their legal rights, as well as the legitimate identity of the state.
  • The method of quality assurance refers to prefabricated houses, as well as to others. prefabricated building structures using wood as the main structural material.
  • Observes the enterprises operating in the sector carefully from the point of view of professional ethical rules and intervenes in case of non-observance of the norms and the statute of the union.
  • For matters concerning the sphere of action of the Union, it shall liaise with the competent authorities, institutions and professional organizations.
  • Keep in touch with foreign production, trade and service organizations, associations and forums and represent the interests of their members.
  • Assembles and makes available technical and economic background information and, in this connection, organizes exchanges of experience, consultations, information services and issues a periodic newsletter.
  • To raise the awareness of their members and to present their activities, the Union organizes professional, commodity, business and business demonstrations, professional consultations between companies, partnership cooperation.
  • The Union can not carry out political activity, its organization is independent of the parties, it does not provide them with material assistance.


  • Establishment of a quality assurance system
  • Attracting investment in the industry
  • Stimulating the initiative of its members
  • Expansion of the dialogue between pre-fabricated companies
  • Promoting the construction of prefabricated elements

A label for Bulgarian prefabricated houses

    The label presents high quality products and services to the consumer. With this label, members promote their work that guarantees reliable quality. The label is the result of the Union's quality standards. The use of the label by members is only possible after signing a corresponding contract with the union. The trademark will be transferred to the company and can not be assigned.