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Federal Association of German Prefabricated Construction (BDF)

The Federal Association of German Prefabricated Construction (BDF) exists since 1961. It represents 45 manufacturers of prefabricated timber construction houses. In addition, 90 industry partners are linked to BDF as promotional members.

BDF Mission Statement

On the one hand, the BDF sees itself as representing the interests of the industrial manufacturers of prefabricated timber houses, on the other hand as a mediator between the home manufacturers, their customers and prospective buyers as well as public institutions. The aims of the association are the promotion of the market position of the industry and the joint, manufacturer-independent mediation of the finished construction concept in science, politics and media.

BDF History

In the postwar housing crisis, rationalization in construction was a very important issue. For example, in the 1950s German housebuilders studied the market and production conditions for the industrial production of prefabricated houses, as was already common in Sweden and North America. The building legislation in Germany was not nationwide uniform and did not yet provide the necessary conditions for the establishment of an industry branch of prefabricated house manufacturers. During this time, a "study community for prefabricated construction" was formed, at the first DIN standards for wooden houses in panel construction was worked. From loose connections and regional meetings of companies located throughout Germany, the "Bundesverband Montagebau und Fertighäuser eV" was founded in 1961 and is headquartered in Hamburg.

Latest News


Climate protection capacity from the forest

Why prefabricated wooden houses are good for the environment

Heat records. "Fridays for Future”. Cities calling for climate emergency. Political election and survey results that underline: The topic of climate protection has never been more present in the public. Products and solutions that can reduce CO2 emissions have never been more in demand - not even ...

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Discover and experience modern prefabricated houses:

"Day of the Sample Houses" on September 21 and 22, 2019

This year, the "Day of the Sample Houses" will take place on Saturday and Sunday, September 21 and 22, 2019. For an entire weekend, the Bundesverband Deutscher Fertigbau (BDF - Federal Association of German Prefabricated Construction) offers therewith all house building interested people the oppo ...

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Prefabricated building industry demands fair property tax for owner-occupiers

Benefit home ownership and mobilising building land

Around 100,000 single-family homes are built in Germany each year and are mostly occupied by the owners themselves. The Bundesverband Deutscher Fertigbau (Federal Association of German Prefabricated Construction – BDF) demands a fair land tax in the interest of these building families, which prov ...

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Prefabricated wooden houses are on record course in 2019

Finished construction ratio exceeds 20 percent mark for the first time in the 1st quarter

For the first time, the proportion of prefabricated houses in a quarter now exceeded 20 percent: from January to March 2019, 20.9 percent of building permits for one- and two-family houses in Germany were for an industrially prefabricated house from the factory. According to the Federal Sta ...

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An individual dream house from the factory

Industrial prefabrication gives prefabricated houses an advantage of quality

Accurate to the millimeter, computer-controlled and weather-independent - these are just three of the many trademarks of industrial production that are expected in the automotive and electrical industries. But also houses are increasingly being manufactured industrially or at least prefabricated. ...

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With timber construction against the housing shortage

More living space through roof extensions

A joint study by the Pestel-Institut and the TU Darmstadt comes to the conclusion that 2.3 to 2.7 million additional flats could be created in Germany through roof extensions. "Particularly in conurbations, the housing situation is currently very tense. Here, roof extensions could make an importa ...

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Housing Market

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Proportion prefabricated construction in Germany 2018

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